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Drop by drop

Distilling means selecting, separating and extracting patiently: one drop at a time. Isolate the most valuable components.

Concentrate, preserve and enhance. becoming drops available to everyone.

Zanin 1895 is the purity distillate, it is the Venetian master brand of aging.

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Products are the means by which our company policies are spread: each bottle contains experience, passion and quality. The range varies from spirits to liqueurs, but the main legacy is the grappa with which we have received over 200 awards, both national and international, for the quality of this all-Italian distillate.


The origin in a brand. The story of over a century told in a name that brings together four generations united in a single passion.

The peculiarity of Genesis that mixes with the barrel, combining the taste of the marc with the scent of wood. The large reserves of grappa and brandy are contained in a single brand.

The liqueurs that never tire collected in a single brilliant and innovative collection. The history of taste is enclosed in original glass, in a marriage between sight and retro-chic flavor.

A snow-colored mare is the inspiring muse of this breed grappa, which has always distinguished the Zugliano distillery.

The spirits of the street from which it all began. The infusion of aromatic herbs and berries or the distillation make the tasting sensual, telling the elegance of the particular.

The scent of history, tradition and passion is released in a brand that combines the origin with the breed of the product.

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