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Drop by drop

Distilling means patient selection, separation and extraction: one drop at a time to the isolation of the finest components.

Concentrated, preserved and enhanced they become drops at anyone's disposal.

Zanin 1895 is the distillate of purity,  the Venetian brand, masterpiece of ageing.


The history of  ZANIN 1895

In the mid-800 Bortolo Zanin opened an inn, which offered, between the various local food and drinks, even the "white spirit". Zugliano people developped a passion for the "graspe" so much that Bortolo decided to begin to expand the production of distillates. In the '40s, with the inn all in all closed, the son Rino continued the expansion activity of the distillery and aging of destillates, leading to fame the Cavallina Bianca brand. In the '70s, with Fausto Zanin the company expands abroad, in 38 countries. Today the distillery is led by Piero Zanin and his brother-in-law Massimo Fontana, which have enlarged the production to new premises in Zugliano, restoring the old mill acquired by father Fausto. Four generations linked by the same passion, illustrated in the essence of every drop labeled Zanin 1895.

The origin

The "white spirit" produced and sold at the Bortolo Zanin inn, in the mid-800, inspired the birth of Cavallina Bianca, today's crown jewel.

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The safe

Aging is the heart of Zanin 1895: oak barrels contain along thirty years the purity of the distillate in a place to which access is permitted only with  customs technical officers.

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La Storia

The beginning

He used to distill in small quantities marc, that his vineyard gave him, after making table wine. Bortolo Zanin was the ''host master" of the inn, but in his spare time used to become the artisan of the distillery, by selecting the  drops coming out from his alembic made of hand-beaten copper. In 1895 the distillery was founded, tranforming the passion into a business. The "white spirit" begins to be produced in large quantities. 

The passage

In the '40s Rino Zanin succeeded his father Bortolo. The Cavallina Bianca was born from his two passions, grappa and horses: Olga was his snow-white mare. The sale  expanded throughout the province of Vicenza until the arrival of his son Fausto in the 70s, leading the company abroad in 38 countries, and industrializing the production process. In the late 90s it was necessary to increase the production space, and in 2003 came the acquisition of the former spinning mill Marini.  


In 1992 Massimo Fontana, husband of Alessandra Zanin, is hired by Fausto. He along with his wife and Piero Zanin carry on the company since 2004, coming to handle a good part of the grappa produced in Italy.

In 2014 the headquarters of Zanin 1895 moved into the former textile mill Marini, continuing the spiritual father's legacy. At the end of 2016 even the aging stock moved from the historical site, becoming an important part of the historical sensory journey that can be covered inside the distillery.

The headquarter

The spirit and the brick come together in one unique essence in the new headquarters of Zanin 1895. The former spinning mill Marini, in via Cinquevie in Zugliano, has been restored to its former glory with a renovation project that highlighted even more the industrial architecture of half of '800. Inside the building a museum welcomes the first copper alembics, a distillery of the 70s, the tester invented by the "grandfather" Rino Zanin anda lot of other ancient tools to process and distill grappa.

La Sede

Zanin 1895 in Zugliano 

In June 2014, the historical Via Roma seat, hence the brand "Via Roma Spirits" was born,  closed and the entire company moved to Via Cinquevie. Walls with hundred and fifty years of history surround now the processing of grappa making unique and poetic the entire environment.  Zanin 1895 shows up today in a form coupling tradition with innovation and consistent quality, in an inebriating dance. The perfume purity of the distillates runs inside sophisticated architecture, narrating the story of the one hundred twenty years company and of the four generations that have succeded.

The aging

Zanin 1895 is one of the few Italian distilleries keeping on to wear the "white beard" to grappa. An area of ​​4 thousand square meters welcomes about six million liters of spirit, which age slowly from one to over forty years. The large oak barrels inebriate with a sincere scent narrating the earth, the vines and grapes from which every drop comes. The precious essence is also taken by small barrels (barriques), with the aroma of wine and wood. Access to the aging rooms is only permitted at the presence of the officials of customs agencies, which guarantee the quality and veracity of year.

The safe

Years of patience and more than a century of experience: that's what makes Zanin 1895 brand  unique and known in the aging world. The barrel room is a sensory experience: the history, the tradition and the origins of grappa are tangible in an unique fragrance.



The company's policy is spread through our products: every bottle contains experience, passion and quality. The product range spaces from distillates to liquors, but the main legacy is grappa, wich has been honored with over 100 awards, both national and international, thanks to the quality of this all Italian distillate.

The origin into a brand. The history of over a century narrated in a name that gather four generations together in a unique passion.

The scent of history, tradition and passion is given off in a brand joining the origin to the bred product.

The peculiarity of Genesis  blending with the barrel, combining the taste of the grape to the scent of wood. The large reserves of grappa and brandy are enclosed in a single brand.

A snow-white mare is the muse of this bred grappa, distinguishing from the beginning the distillery of Zugliano.


The spirits of the street where it all began. The infusion of aromatic herbs and berries or the distillation make sensual tasting, telling the elegance of detail.

The spirits who never tired gathered into a brilliant and innovative collection. The history of taste is enclosed in original glass, in a marriage of sight and retro-chic flavor.


The interaction with Zanin 1895

The versatility of Zanin 1895 is shown by the continuous partnership with other companies. The experience and expertise in aging and distillation are skills shared by time even with other manufacturers with a view to mutual growth. The unique spaces showing the story host events and conferences, amplifying the importance with an unforgettable welcome.


At Zanin 1895 distillery the importance of sharing was clear from the beginning. Helping others means progress and for the corporate this has become a target, continually shown throughout the production chain. From the preparation of destillates and liquors, to the bottling process and then to the aging, these are all services that Zanin 1895 offers, both for small and for large requirements, ensuring the highest quality and the max confidentiality.

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